Intri is a new social media app that you can use to meet and connect with people in your area who share your interests and hobbies.

It is all too common for people to feel isolated and cut off from the community around them, but with Intri, you can connect with others who love photography or biology just as much as you do, or who are itching to play tennis just as much as you are, or who also love discussing current events in the diner down the street. Intri is here to help you connect with others, be more social, and be involved in activities in your community, whether it's returning to a favorite past hobby or discovering a brand new one. Maybe you've always wanted to try surfing and just needed someone to join you in getting started. Maybe you want to go hiking once a week with someone who enjoys being out in nature just as much as you do. Maybe you loved to play backgammon years ago and would like to pick it up again. Whatever your interests may be, once you start using Intri, you will be amazed at how many like-minded people there are near you.