Once you create your Intri account, you can either post an event and invite other Intri users to attend, or you can search posted events and swipe "Attend" to join the event. The poster of an event sees who wants to attend and then has final approval of who attends. When you post an event, you choose the place, time, and number of people you want to invite.
All kinds of events! The event can be everything from two people having a cup of coffee to dozens of people going skydiving. There is no limit to the number of people or the scale of the event. It's up to you!
The best thing to do when getting started is to browse through the posted events that involve something you are interested in. Events are organized into categories: "Dining," "Sports and Recreation," "Clubs and Karaoke," "Art and Culture," "Drinks," "Volunteering," and there's even a category for the hard-to-categorize, "Not Sure."
You can create an event that involves what interests you! Once you do, you will probably find that there are others in your area who want to go to that event too. Be the one who gets the event started. You always can be the event creator, and it's as easy as choosing the time, place, and activity.
It doesn't have to be. Think about it. You already are meeting because you have an interest in common. We recommend starting by discussing the subject of interest and focusing on the activity. You can also break the ice by communicating through the messaging window in Intri once you and the other person or people are scheduled to attend the same event. You will probably find yourself making new friends over your common interests.
Only Intri users who have joined an event through the app may attend an Intri event. If your friends create Intri accounts, you can invite them to your events through the app. One of the best things about Intri, though, is that it can be a great way to make new friends.
It is easy to cancel your attendance of an Intri event. You simply click the Cancel button and the other attendees will be notified. We ask that you cancel as soon as you know you cannot attend so that the opening can be filled by another Intri user who wants to go. There is no charge for canceling.
Yes. We recommend following certain guidelines that you can read here https://intri.com/about to help ensure you have a safe experience. As with any app or website that connects people who then meet in person, it is always important to use common sense and be on alert to potential scammers. If you suspect that something is wrong about an event or another Intri user account, you can report the issue here https://intri.com/contact.
There is no charge by Intri for creating or attending an event, so the only reason it would cost anything is if the event is one that costs money anyway, such as a dinner in a restaurant or a concert with an entry fee.
The name Intri was chosen because it evokes "intriguing," "introduce," "interest," "interact," "interpersonal," etc. The name represents the goal of the app, which is to connect people who want to find new friends in their area who share similar interests and want to be more active and engaged in doing what they enjoy.